Sunday, 5 October 2014

My trip to Luanda,Kizomba and the Latino Nights

Most people in the Oil&Gas business know that Angola is not a fancy destination. To be honest, I was not very keen about this trip.

All I knew about Angola were the stories from my dad about the Cuban intervention in this small country in Africa. The civil war had just finished a few years ago and it was very evident that the city infrastructure needed some improvement.

Food was amazing and expensive. I love sea food. I grew up in a city right next to the ocean. So Luanda was good for me. I got a driver everyday to pick me up from the house and take me to the office. A short distance, maybe a 20 minutes drive. It was in those morning and afternoon rides that I got to know a little bit about the "musica angoleƱa". It was contagious and sensual. David, my driver, was very patient and kind with my poor Portuguese (which I had not practice for many years).

On my last day, he took me to a street market where I got lot of music (including some Kizomba). This short paragraph probably illustrates my memories from Luanda. Amazing food, wonderful people and great music in the middle of Africa.

Last Friday, some Latinos approach me at La Fiesta Latina and said why we were playing some Kizomba ? That if we want to play this music we should advertise as African-Latino Night. I did not have an answer for that. However, we all know they were right. We should be honest and transparent with customers. We will. It is not very honest to advertise something that you actually do not deliver. Misleading customers is bad. We will not do it. We will stick to our Latino Nights. Que viva la Salsa, el Merengue y la Bachata.

Are we missing something ? Please post in the comments below. Gracias

La Fiesta Latina

Next Friday 10 October

8pm-9pm Salsa Class for Beginners. £5/£3 students
9pm-Midnight Latino Night (Salsa, Merengue & Bachata). £3